What we can do for you...

We develop software solutions which will imporve productivity and profitability in your business.

The solution will:

Allow you to work from home / office / remotely.

Share data and operations with fellow workers in real time, without conflict or updating issues.

Place all your systems in one, easy to use solution.

Grow with your business, workforce and product range.

We can also...

Customise a solution for you, or simply modify an existing one – which is really affordable.

And, most important...

We have a range of existing packages suitable for a wide range of applications. 
All are really affordable.

Some of our clients:

SMS Safety Software  РEurope, Middle East, Americas РLINK

Safetyfile Services- New Zealand РLINK 

Site Specific Safety Plan Software – New Zealand – LINKLINK

Contractor Pre-qualification services – New Zealand – LINK

Job-Worx Jobbing Software – South Africa – LINK

Safety Plan Software and Setup Service – South Africa – LINK

SMS Safety Management Systems and Software – New Zealand – LINK

Contracting-Software.com – LINK

Zardocs Business Systems – Business Systems – LINK

Tool Box Talks for Contractors – South Africa – LINK

Contracting Software – ConSoft Limited – New Zealand – LINK